Transforming Lives Charter School is a Public School that seeks to prepare students to be college and career ready beyond graduation. We will do this by offering strong academics with an emphasis on college and career exploration in a safe and caring learning environment. We will be serving grades 7-12.

Teachers, students and parents work together to provide guidance in academic and career goal achievement. We offer small class sizes with individualized instruction and hands on training to develop skills needed for the next generation of college and career readiness.

Students will take part in career classes like Business, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Health Sciences. These classes will be along with classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, and History. Teachers will have common planning time to develop lessons that connect with all subjects. It is our mission to educate the whole student to prepare them for life outside of school.

Directors Message

Welcome to Transforming Lives Charter School. We are a 7-12 high school that will be opening with grades 7 and 8 for the 2018-2019 school year. The school is a traditional format where students attend classes Monday – Friday. Charter schools are tuition free public schools of choice. Parents can choose to send your child to a charter school regardless of the school district you live in.


Our Commitments:

Staff and Faculty to have the tools and training to be successful in the classroom. Teachers will attend weekly professional planning meetings that focus on unit planning in teams and professional development. Each planning time teachers will assess student learning goals. Teachers also work on their goals to improve their practice.

Parent involvement is integral to student success inside and outside the classroom. Parents are asked to volunteer on campus to assist in a variety of activities to help the school run smoothly. Parents are asked to be involved in school planning, committees and events. Monthly Town Hall meetings are held to inform parents about the happenings in the school and guest speakers.

Students have an interactive education that leads to discovery and hands on learning. Smaller class sizes to give students more personalized attention. Students participate in community service and internships to extend their learning from the classroom to hands on training. Students prepared for university, community college or vocational opportunities. After school programs that offer leadership and character building.

Community to provide educated and skilled employees to build a sustainable foundation for economics. Community interaction in the school and student learning process as it relates to career development. Community helping students to gain work experience. Community to interact in college and career events to offer opportunities to interview students for positions with in their organizations.


Diana L. McKee

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Our Mission


Transforming Lives Charter’s mission is to empower students to be successful leaders who encompass 21st century skills necessary for college, career and beyond. Students will be encouraged to reach their potential through a blend of rigorous academics along with college and career exploration, preparation and workplace readiness learning.


Students enrolled in Transforming Lives Charter Schools will excel at the highest level academically, personally, and professionally. This will be accomplished through providing teachers with continuous, relevant, professional development that relates to student learning outcomes. TLCS advocates project-based learning as the main instructional strategy to instill critical thinking skills in students. Students will learn about college and careers through the courses the Linked Learning concept instructional format.

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